RevCamp 2Ø17

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God is always working, so our lives cannot be just about celebrating what God has done, or believing that the best is yet to come. The reality of a PRESENT and NEAR God calls for an urgent desire to see what He wants to do NOW. “Here and Now” answers the question, “where is God?” It’s inclusion of both POSITION and TIME, moves us to want to see HEALING, REDEMPTION, and FREEDOM, in and around our lives, here and now! It is always calling us to a deep relationship with Jesus, and as long as it’s called today, “Here and Now” speaks to you. There is a clear cost to discipleship, but we understand that in the view of His love and mercy, that the cost of not following Jesus is far greater.  It is in the light of “Here and Now” that we are able to persevere and run the good race that has been set out before us.



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