Rev Camp 2018
as above


Jesus came to earth with a message that was different than what anyone had ever heard before. He spoke of the Kingdom of Heaven – a Kingdom bent towards bringing wholeness to the broken, freedom to the bound, renewal to the ruined and justice to the oppressed. Jesus made the claim that this Kingdom wasn’t off somewhere in the future, but it was actually at hand; available to be tasted and seen by people today. Thousands of years ago, Jesus came down and pulled what was above down to planet earth – and He’s been doing it ever since. The same kingdom, marked by new beginnings and second chances is available to all who would say yes to the invitation. “As Above” speaks to the reality that we can live within the beautiful overlap of God’s kingdom and our home, His kingdom and our school, His kingdom and our workplace. We believe that Rev Camp will give us a taste of the kingdom that we will one day experience in all its fullness – a kingdom that we can carry with us wherever we go. What could it look like for God to pull what is above into our everyday lives?



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